Monday, November 16, 2015

Oblique Political Strategy: Disparage Your Opponent's Staff to the Media

"A person who was on the call told CNN" Paris is ahead by 7 hours. The attacks occured at 9:20 PM Paris Time which would be 2:20 PM on Friday Afternoon

"A staffer for one of the other campaigns who was also on the call described the exchange to Yahoo News as “heated” and even “bizarre,” and a second source on the call confirmed the nature of the exchange."

Rolling Stone
"A second source told Yahoo News that both the O'Malley and Clinton campaigns were in favor of CBS's decision,..."

"But Sanders' team forcefully opposed any changes – and, to the amazement of the network and the other Democrats who decried his tone-deafness, crowed publicly about limiting the foreign policy component..."

The Hill
But Sanders’s aide, the report said, still objected, and “he got very hot and there was like a five- or seven-minute back and forth and he just wouldn’t let it go,” the campaign source told Yahoo News.

Google Search
The search results can tell the rest of the story.
The Paris Attacks started at 9:20 PM Friday according to CNN, which would be 4:20 PM Eastern U.S. time according to CNN. According to Yahoo, the conference call was on Saturday Morning. If the conference call took place in Iowa that would make sense.

I need to get my time zones figured out:

The entire mass media jumped on this bandwagon. What kind of story is this? It seems like a swarm of Piranhas to a single drop of blood that may or may not even exist.

It's obvious how complicit most of the media is against Bernie Sanders, how likely would something like this be a complete fabrication?

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