Empire Dusk

The forces of the free market have mutated commerce around the world and within the United States, into a fractured social system where fewer people control a larger proportion of wealth and property.

Through consolidation and manipulation of the democratic process, control of society is collecting into an ever-shrinking pool of "Industrial Complexes."

Unsatisfied with fair competition on an even playing field, the growing oligarchies have come to rely on destruction of public education, distortion and omission of historical facts and educational materials, dissemination of distorted social values, production and distribution of health-ruining food alternatives and hoarding land and currency.

Society is thought to be slowly deteriorating to an end similar to Ancient Rome. However, lessons have been learned, and from those lessons arose the idea that every part of society, including all aspects of the criminal element, can be controlled to maintain an ideal order. This is why the so-called enemies of society are never vanquished, so wars like the "War on drugs" continue ad infinitum. Those enemies are needed as part of the mechanism to maintain power and ownership.

The truth is revealed through violations of promises kept regarding "constitutions" and other "formal" documents proclaiming that governments are in favor of individual "human rights."

I will do my best to collect here, evidence of society's lies.

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