Saturday, November 4, 2017

DNC Leaked Emails Edited?

The leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) were published by Wikileaks in July of 2016. As of this post, they've been public at least sixteen months. The revelation caused immense turmoil within the organization.

Some people maintain the emails were hacked by Russia while others suggest the emails were leaked from within the DNC.

A Previous post here at Empire Dusk suggests the possible players involved in leaking the emails.

Meanwhile, in all this time, no one disputed the authenticity of the emails, either directly, or implied through behavior. No one suggested the emails may have been edited or otherwise modified, until Donna Brazile revealed her new book in a post on POLITICO.

Now, amid the clarion call that it's Russia, Russia, Russia, after sixteen months of scrutiny and exposure, it's being suggested that the emails were edited.
Whether or not the Russians or anyone else hacked or leaked the emails, didn't change the facts of the emails, and the facts of the emails are apparently authentic enough to have resulted in the changes of leadership at the DNC. Despite the Associated Press' (AP) sychophantic report.

Monday, October 16, 2017