Friday, November 20, 2015

The Clinton Dynasty: What You Need To Know

The Clinton Dynasty
The Washington Post
Inside the Clinton Dynasty

Biographies and Legislative Actions

Bill Sponsorship and Senate Voting Record

Money In State Politics
Money at the state level

Open Secrets
Some search results may be unrelated. Revolving Door usually implies a political-corporate conflict of interest, AKA Cronyism.

Open Secrets
A world of Intrigue

Vote Smart
Hillary Clinton's Biography and More
See also Votes, Positions, Ratings, Speeches, and Funding
The Washington Post article inspired me to re-post some links for your voting information benefit.

In the end you may be impressed or horrified, but at least you will be informed enough to know you made the right decision when you vote for Bernie Sanders. #FeelTheBern

UPDATE: You must see this: Mother Jones: Hillary Clinton's Strange Definition of "Middle Class"

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