Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Bernie Sanders Google News Alert: Interesting?

The Los Angeles Times
The first sentence includes "Sanders has not dominated the polls..."

The Washington Post
Cites a New York Times/CBS News Poll. LOL

The Wall Street Journal
This article hinges on two un-named "people involved in a discussion." There are too many assumptions from ignorance to mention. Bernie is an Independent, not a Democrat you morons.

Who is Ryan Gosling? I looked him up on IMDB and discovered that because of my circumstances, my eyes never crossed paths with any of his performances. Not even for one second.

Huffington Post
Really? Huffington Post Editors allow a Sarah Palin quote back onto the Internet, because the article was written by the "Deputy Politics Editor." You can't wash out this stain.

The news here is that Google allowed Alternet to show up in my Bernie Sanders news alert. Congrats to Alternet for making inroads into Google's corporate media salad.

NBC News
The author was apparently born the day after Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy. Adorable.

CBS News
This must be in response to the pile of letters that CBS regularly receives from its audience. Now do you get the picture of CBS polling data?

The Week
Cites an ABC News/Washington Post poll. Since I'm never polled by anyone, I can safely assume that this data source didn't include any of Bernie's millions of donors.

Congrats to Truthdig for making it into Google News Alerts. Now watch the videos.

The Washington Post
A Campaign advertisement spot for Bernie Sanders, sanwiched between an ad for Chevron and a conservative ad for David Vitter getting Christian redemption. After all, "who hasn't made mistakes?"

The Christian Post
This article seems to suggest that being against racism on campus is being "politically correct," and you'll never guess who is "warning Americans about the dangers of political correctness."
The Main-Stream media continues to insist that Bernie is not the overwhelming favorite among the unwashed masses.

What is interesting about these stories is that both Alternet and Trutdig made it onto the top tier of my Google News alert.

The truly weird article on the list is from the Christian Post, The author not only seems to try and conflate the Million Student March with the University of Missouri anti-racism protests which have nothing to do with each-other, but also injects Ben Carson's warning about political correctness on campus into the article, which seems to suggest that being against racism is being politically correct.

How weird is that?

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