Friday, June 3, 2016

Should MSNBC Suspend Chris Matthews for Political Bias?

After Chris Matthews of MSNBC revealed that the main-stream media (MSM) is planning to report on June 7, 2016 that Hillary Clinton has won the nomination, despite the fact that no one wins the nomination until the conclusion of the Democratic Convention in July, the Internet has had enough. has a petition for his removal from MSNBC for being a blatant shill for Hillary Clinton.

A meme went viral suggesting that Bernie Sanders Supporters should counter the MSM propaganda attack with #BernieWinsCalifornia at 5pm Eastern Time, but James Walker at Source Planet suggests that this counter-attack will actually defeat Bernie by creating a false sense of security among voters who will then choose not to vote.

This makes perfect sense since it will only be 2 P.M. Pacific time, and it may affect even more voters than the MSM attack.

But Chris Matthews has alerted us about this. Just like Judas was vilified despite being instrumental in Jesus's plan to save Christian souls, should we vilify Chris Matthews? Hell yes.

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