Monday, March 21, 2016

PSYWAR: You Are Living in Learned Helplessness

A basic description of the term

Yale University
Mailers sent to voters that threatened to publish to their neighbors whether or not they voted, increased voter turnout.

Harvard University
Quote from abstract: "If free-will beliefs support attributions of moral responsibility, then reducing these beliefs should make people less retributive in their attitudes about punishment."
( Studies show that scientific education about free-will mitigates vindictiveness. ) This may also apply to aggravating Learned Helplessness in the public through propaganda.

Psychological manipulation on a large scale, of attitudes and social behaviors. AND an overview of the book by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky

The psychological study of small groups and how they often make bad decisions.

You should never let anyone convince you that voting is a waste of time.
Repeat these words as often as you can, no matter what the circumstances:

"Learned Helplessness."

I was feeling beaten-down by blogs and news websites that continue to post crazy gaffs and quotes from politicians, like watching a runaway train carrying crude oil inevitably heading for disaster, disaster for America.

We are being conditioned by demagoguery like "Congressional Obstruction," "Gridlock." "Fascist," "Socialist" and many more. Now I'm beginning to understand why college students are creating "Safe Spaces." They are completely fed-up with such "Trigger Rhetoric."

I think they understand the psychological warfare tactic of conditioning Learned Helplessness through relentless disparaging news reports about politics.

I like Bernie Sanders because he has very clear and unwavering concerns and ideas for us. It would be very easy for me to completely turn off the news and un-follow both the main-stream and alternative media (with one or two exceptions).

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