Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trump, Sanders, Politics And Proxy Class Warfare

I was confused. I thought Donald Trump was part of the Establishment. He's got money, you would think he should fit right in, but listening to him speak about "the establishment" and "special interests" reminds me that there are sub-cultures within the top 1%.

Donald's father, Fred Trump made his fortune mostly in developing affordable housing for the working class, However, in the upper crust, there are certain criteria for amassing wealth that must be met to earn respect and entrance into exclusive realms of the Old Money class.

I can't imagine what it must have been like to be wealthy enough to get within sight of New York royalty at cocktail parties or business meetings, only to be snubbed, whispered about, or openly mocked.

I know too well the sting of rejection, the denial of affinity and validation from admired people and organizations, and the gleeful leer of schadenfreude from people once thought friendly acquaintances.

Bernie Sanders perspective is rooted in a deeply felt family and cultural experience of oppression. Keen to recognizing brutality as it quietly forms under the veneer of institutions, he spent his life fighting for civil rights.

Generation after generation, the Establishment has built a network of organizations and political dynasties designed to keep power in the clutches of the Old Money, but it looks like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are about to capsize this "Titanic" society.

The followers of Trump and Sanders are not really distinct. We all want to end the Establishment's crushing, greedy rule that sabotages individual achievement and comfort through the use of corporate monopolies and outsourcing.

We move on, we make new friends, but bitter memories of betrayal and meanness don't go away. I live vicariously through this political season, watching as the main-stream media (MSM) fails to attack both Trump and Sanders. Time and again the MSM shows its powerlessness against the Internet and the will of the people.

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