Thursday, January 7, 2016

Economy Chicken: Coming Home to Roast

New York Times
Producers in China may have been betting on faked economic reports, overproducing with false expectations. Now their inventories are filling up and they are not getting as many orders.

Fox News (06/2014)
Peter Schiff and Lou Dobbs start the session nailing the basics, but then digress at 1:41 minutes, into blaming Obama and the government, instead of remaining focused on lack of consumer demand due to low wages and fewer work hours.

An amazing tool for evaluating stocks and seeing the Big Picture.

The Guardian
A critical analysis of how the economy is reported to the public.

Zero Hedge (02/2011)
This got me wondering why people are buying over-priced farm land that won't yield enough per year to break-even on the loan payment. It turns out they might be anticipating something that will change in the near future. Something that will make commodity prices skyrocket.

Salon (11/2014)
It all comes back to lack of consumer demand due to low wages, fewer work hours, student debt, etc.

Town Hall
Because the 1% wanted to go global, they tied most of the world together financially and OOPS!
Well, Everyone has been decrying a fake economic recovery for years now. Some who try to sell us their gold, others because they actually dig into the numbers and suffer the headaches of research.

The powers that be have been force-feeding us skewed sugar-coated numbers for decades, but everyone under their skin knows it's BS!

The motivation for doing so is probably bait to try and motivate with their Snake Oil, consumption and investment in things we can't afford or don't need.

*What's Economy Chicken? I searched online for some visual representation of "chickens coming home to roost." I Photoshopped it into a bad pun,

I think we all have had enough of being lied to by the main-stream media and the Financial Sector.

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