Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's Go Time #D19 #BillionPeopleMarch Do it smart.

Follow Mitch McConnell's Senate Voting and Bill Sponsorship record. You will find it interesting that he is not quite as far to the right as you might think.

Open Secrets
Notice the dop donors to Mitch McConnel are the biggest Wall Street firms. He's gotta go!

Vote Smart
This may be somewhaty reduntand, but there is always more to find here.

Crew's Most Corrupt List
#D19 #BillionPeopleMarch This is a list of corrupt politicians from both sides of the aisle. Go Get 'em!
This is horrific! I started out focusing on Senator Mitch McConnel, but then suddenly I find this site called Crews Most Corrupt. Holy Hell! Let's make the best of this.

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