Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Pot War: How John Morgan saved Florida and possibly Ohio from a Pot Monopoly

The voting results and details of the ballot measure.

The Cap times
The source for the corporate take-over of Pot through restrictive legislation may be here.

The Nation
Opponents of marijuana-law reform insist that legalization is dangerous—but the biggest threat is to their own bottom line.

Think Progress
Meanwhile, ALEC is working to remove Cannabis market inhibiting penalties, some which it helped create.

Progressive Activists are working to repeal a lot of ALEC initiatives, but they are not building protective burms behind them.

Time Magazine
Opponents use the same arguments that are the consequences of alcohol abuse.
The slumbering behemoth has awoken in Ohio over the issue of legalizing Cannabis.

In the first link, I found what seems to be a possible saboteur of the effort to legalize Cannabis in Ohio, but as I explored more of the sources I found something that demonstrates clearly just how much control is exerted over the so-called "free market" by the billionaires who, it seems, are now attempting to gain monopolistic control over Cannabis.

The main-stream media wrote off the defeat in Ohio as some sort of moral decision on the part of the public for the same excuses that were used to keep alcohol illegal during Prohibition.

The evidence is clear that Colorado and Washington were expected to fail in their experimental legalization, but the results have garnered the attention of billionaire oligarchs would would like nothing better than to take complete control of the Cannabis industry.

So who are the real enemies of the freedom for anyone to grow Pot? This war has many fronts: The supposed moral front who don't seem to mind alcohol which is worse than Pot but still fear Pot; the drug companies who see it as competition; the Law Enforcement Industrial Complex that sees Pot as an easy way to make money through fines, forfeitures and incarceration; and the Plutocrat billionaires who want complete control over cannabis but also want to freely distribute it without consequences.

You can bet some corporation is right now trying to patent Cannabis.

UPDATE: Bill Search Results at GovTrack.

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