Monday, November 10, 2014

The Era of Dark Politics: The unintended consequence of FREE SPEECH

What is Dark Politics? Going Dark is what follows when peaceful protesters are forcibly herded by militarized police into pens far away from the venues they are protesting.

Dark Politics begins when public protests are funded by the corporations that seek to identify the dissidents so they may be dealt with later, such as getting them fired from their jobs, or being added to the Black List of the Chambers of Commerce so they will never be hired.

Dark Politics begins when tactics are used to directly suppress voting and votes are deliberately manipulated.

Dark Politics begins when the democratic process is controllable only by those with the most money.

Dark Politics begins when freedom of speech comes with the high price of being marginalized, oppressed, fired from your job, or blocked from getting a job, or blocked from getting credit, or treated poorly in various ways.

Protesters will put down their signs and pick up weapons. People will no longer protest because even signing a petition has become too dangerous.

The National Corporate Protest Petition Signature Database has your name and you will be financially ruined at the next opportunity.

If you attended a public protest with, chances are that your identity has been recorded with and and you will find yourself never getting a call back for a job interview.

The people will go quiet and brutal.
Welcome to the era of dark politics.

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