Friday, November 28, 2014

The Clinton-Walmart-NAFTA-TPP Connection

While progressives in the media are calling out Rand Paul and others for commenting on Hillary Clinton's age in the run up to the 2016 election cycle, more relevant information telling of Hillary's ambitions are fading into the shadows.

Hillary Clinton served on the board of directors at Walmart from 1986 to 1992. A year later Bill Clinton would be sworn in as President of the United States. On January 20, 1993, and less than a year after that, on January 1, 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) "entered into force."

The results were devastating to America as trade barriers were lifted, allowing over 700,000 jobs to evaporate. Factories shut down and fled the U.S. racing across the borders for the cheapest labor and least restrictive environmental and safety regulations possible. Walmart profits skyrocketed.

If one is ambitious enough, it's possible to see opportunity in suffering. It's even easier if you know you are going to play at least what appears to be a tertiary role in creating that suffering. Thus is born "the various projects of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation that address economic inequality"

After the 2014 election, with a turnout of only a third of registered voters elected the Republicans for the most part, President Obama is playing out a Faustian allegory. Suddenly he's willing to take executive action on Immigration Reform. Suddenly he's in favor of Net Neutrality, despite appointing a former lobbyist for the cable industry as head of the FCC.

The Devil is breathing down his neck. President Obama must be more motivated to veto the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). If he is certain that Hillary Clinton won't win the presidency in 2016, he can sign the bill and leave public office knowing his future is filled with open doors on Wall Street for him and his family. If Hillary is without competition and is practically guaranteed a win in 2016, he can veto the bill as part of an intermediate political strategy knowing that Hillary will definitely sign the TPP into law and the delays will be forgiven.

There is no disincentive to passing the TPP. It will further destroy the environment, jobs and wages for the American middle class. Maybe the Obama Foundation will start taking donations so they can toss dimes to starving children like John Rockefeller.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Era of Dark Politics: The unintended consequence of FREE SPEECH

What is Dark Politics? Going Dark is what follows when peaceful protesters are forcibly herded by militarized police into pens far away from the venues they are protesting.

Dark Politics begins when public protests are funded by the corporations that seek to identify the dissidents so they may be dealt with later, such as getting them fired from their jobs, or being added to the Black List of the Chambers of Commerce so they will never be hired.

Dark Politics begins when tactics are used to directly suppress voting and votes are deliberately manipulated.

Dark Politics begins when the democratic process is controllable only by those with the most money.

Dark Politics begins when freedom of speech comes with the high price of being marginalized, oppressed, fired from your job, or blocked from getting a job, or blocked from getting credit, or treated poorly in various ways.

Protesters will put down their signs and pick up weapons. People will no longer protest because even signing a petition has become too dangerous.

The National Corporate Protest Petition Signature Database has your name and you will be financially ruined at the next opportunity.

If you attended a public protest with, chances are that your identity has been recorded with and and you will find yourself never getting a call back for a job interview.

The people will go quiet and brutal.
Welcome to the era of dark politics.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The man-made acceleration of global warming to come.

Senator McCain said this to an Associated Press reporter:

The American people want us to get to work and accomplish things. We just finished the least productive congress in history. They want us to pass the XL Pipeline. They want tax reform. They want government that functions on their behalf. They also reject resoundingly the policies of the President of the United States. [...] But most disturbing to me is if he [POTUS] acts by executive order and grants amnesty to millions of people that will inflame the entire situation to the point where I think it would make it much more difficult to enact comprehensive reform. There's no reason for him to do it, I do not believe it is constitutional, and that was the most disturbing part of his press conference yesterday.

The very first piece of legislation he said he wanted to accomplish was passing the Keystone XL Pipeline. When he was referring to "they" he wasn't referring to the millions of people who face eminent domain land seizures. When he was referring to "they" he wasn't referring to the millions of people whose homes and property will lose tremendous value because of encroaching oil pipelines and water contamination from leaking oil pipelines. He was referring to the people who are the largest lease holders of Canadian Tar Sands from which the Keystone XL pipelines will transport the oil all the way to the refineries on the Gulf of Mexico; the Koch Brothers.

According to the Washington Post, the Koch Brothers are the largest foreign lease holders of the Canadian Oil Sands. If the Keystone XL pipeline is finished, they are expected to yield hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil over the next few years. There is much higher risk of oil spills from pipelines than from using rail cars as shown in this video which shows the amount of oil spilled by other means of transportation than oil tanker railroad cars, but shown as the equivalent of oil tanker cars. I hope that's not too confusing.

So when Senator McCain is referring to "they" is he referring to you? Not likely. Will Keystone XL free the west from depending on Middle Eastern oil? Maybe for a few years but it won't make a difference because the carbon released from consuming the fuel will have no place to be re-absorbed. This is called the "Carbon Saturation Point." European forests are already showing signs of reaching carbon saturation, and our atmosphere will eventually become unbreathable. We may all slowly suffocate, or weather patterns may cause deadly CO2 clouds or pockets in valleys that will create mass casualties, killing thousands of people at once.