Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Brazen New World Order

The game is up for the "Fifth Estate." or was it the fourth, I can't recall because its relevance is waning. The Internet continuously calls out the news media of television, radio and newspapers, discrediting the old media on near hourly basis. The cable news audience is slipping away nearly ten times faster than the newspaper audience is going extinct.

Unfortunately, most people can't seem to let go of their televisions and still fall under the influence of fear-driven propaganda that fomented the election of unscrupulous, sociopathic politicians beholden to their own interests and indentured to billionaire patrons.

Most billionaires of today are not the founders that created the brilliant financial engines of their wealth, but the flacid offspring raised by nannies with a sense of entitlement unthinkable to the nobility of the middle ages that rose to their ivory towers through the brutality of hand-to-hand combat with swords and shields.

Skip forward to present day, the media, including the Internet that engages in criticism of the billionaires has become background noise. Public shaming of corruption has crept into normality of the masses. Everyone is sick and tired of hearing about it. Everyone is avoiding the noise like a terminal pain spot on a map to avoid. There is nothing to be dome about it. Everything attempted so far has ended with dispersing crowds, wandering off to their jobs or the nearest McDonald's.

The futility of Justice Breyer of the Supreme Court of the United States best expressed the future of the United States:

Nobody cares. They only want to live comfortably and fulfill their biological need for food, shelter, sex, children and distraction. Rarely do a few emerge that wish to compete for the top of the mountain, but they will attempt to gather to themselves as many minions as possible under the guise of serving them all with the spoils of their accomplishments. In the end these politicians and media pundits are exposed for wanting of their own self-interests, such as a throne for themselves in an independent state, or status above their own class, ultimately to the exclusion of their followers.

The Billionaires will drain and hoard the money and resources, but will find when they open their front doors to go grocery shopping that there is nothing for them outside but a vast wasteland of starvation. They will be trapped in their castles among their piles of money and gold, having no way to rid themselves of what has become the new chaff.

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