Friday, July 12, 2013

Fake Democracy Imploding the United States

In a democracy the majority of the people elect whom they want to make policy changes. The majority then makes those policy changes. If the majority of the people decide later that they made a mistake they hold elections to change the course of policy. That's what elections are for.

If people who voted for the losing side are proven right by the mistakes of the winning side, then the people will shift to their side and they will win the next election.

If people who voted for the winning side are proven right by the success of the winning side, then the people from the losing side must accept that they are wrong and participate in the successful outcome of correct policy decisions.

Why the U.S. is misrepresented as a democratic republic.

1. Most voters are conditioned to make their voting decision on the emotional pandering and empty promises of politicians. They don't think (period).

2. There are too many loopholes that allow policy gridlock and subterfuge by the losing side. The winning side is never allowed to prove the effectiveness of their proposals.

3. Most House of Representative home-districts are gerrymandered, creating Fiefdoms or miniature feudal states that include multi-generational dynasties of bureaucrats across the entire spectrum of federal, state, county and municipal, enriching themselves. This guarantees continued blocking of policy changes.

It's all smoke and mirrors anymore. The House of Representatives is full of Republican trouble-makers who are not willing to give Democrats a chance to test their policy ideas, because the Republicans know they are wrong. All they can do is use obstruction and deception to block democrats.

Republicans had their shot during the Bush Administration and instead of implementing successful public policies, they padded the Supreme Court in an attempt to cement their power, started a fake war with Iraq, And began to distort democracy into a theocratic plutocracy.

The mid-term elections of 2014 must usher out the door forever, the Republican party, or the United States will implode.

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