Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Dollar is Dead

The machinations of the U.S. Congress puts the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. financial standing in the world. The dollar is dead.

“Ratings agencies are talking about downgrading the U.S. as early as tonight.” -- Senator Harry Reid 10/15/2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Human Stress and Persuasion

What's ironic is people under the most stress are easily persuaded by deception against the wrong group as the cause of their problems to such a degree that they vote against their own best interests, develop hatred and fear based on minor ideological, physical or lingual differences or geographical distances. The New York Times developed an interactive map showing precisely where most of these people are. It's not a stretch to guess which states and counties belong to which political party.

This stress build-up is engineered by recession, unemployment rates, energy rates, food prices, rent, and control over the mass media. It's not a difficult undertaking when so few have control over so much.

They were banking on enough public stress to start a war with Syria. Well, it didn't work so if House Democrats have enough votes for a discharge petition to get the budget to the floor for a vote, bypassing Speaker Boehner, they could do it, but I suspect by the echoing sound of nails being hammered into a coffin of a certain political party that they might be holding off on that.

They better not wait too long or the fight over the Debt Ceiling will shatter the global market's confidence in the U.S. Dollar, but something is off this time. The stock market is not reacting like it's usual high-strung incontinent self. It's behaving more and more like a single entity, a behemoth waiting to see the whites in the eyes of gullible borrowers.

The Market's reaction to the government shutdown was counter-intuitive to previous similar events according to Bloomberg Business WeekThe Market Calm Before the Debt-Ceiling Storm (10/04/2013) The markets may have gained confidence since the previous debt-ceiling extravaganza, or they figured a way to profit from the crisis and are on a hair-trigger.

Either way it might not matter if we are destroyed by the debris field of the comet ISON.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Servile Wars Are Coming Again

I'm sure the Corporate Oligarchs around the world are wondering about Spartacus right now. Especially under the influence of an unceasing flow of information about them via the Internet. There was no such thing during the three documented Servile Wars in Italy between 135 BC and 71 BC. I can't imagine what it would have been like for Rome if they had the Internet at that time.

It's the very essence of why no Roman Legion was allowed to be stationed in Rome itself. Did they teach you that in history? I would not be surprised if they didn't. The vast numbers of unemployed men, and now women are joining the military as a means of escape from starvation at home.

Unlike some countries where everyone must serve at least two years with an option to stay in the military, the United States is made up of highly patriotic multi-generational members, members who sought a way to get into college, members who saw no other means of employment, and those who were ordered to serve by a judge, and don't tell me that's not true because I met those types when I served.

The point is the income disparity in the U.S. is growing so large that the oligarchs soon will not be able hide anymore, and the economic impact is already reverberating throughout the military, because many military families are finding themselves going to food banks and qualifying for government aid in addition to the meager benefits they have as spouses and children of military service members. The deplorable conditions of veteran services and hospitals is no longer news isolated away from active duty members.

The U.S. Intelligence community is adding fuel to the fire with domestic spying scandals, the Justice Department is adding fuel to the fire as a thug for the Internal Revenue Service which itself is scandalized by targeting political groups. Local law enforcement is regularly violating the U.S. Constitutional rights of citizens with impunity and the State Governors have organized into a separate clandestine national organization intent on breaking unions and undermining the authority of the U.S. House of Representatives in a bid for power. All financed by a handful of corporate oligarchs.

Military service members are seeing all of this. The Oligarchs are feeling the need to cull the disgruntled troops. Syria at this moment is an example of how the oligarchs can run a proxy war to thin out the combatants from a population, leaving behind a few troublemakers, but not need to worry for at least a couple of generations before they come back for revenge.

I don't know what's going to happen between the U.S. Russia, and China, but I can tell you the "leaders" won't mind an all-out war between all the troops from all sides if it diminishes the threat of a global revolution.

This is how the Arab Spring is being tamped down, by starting civil wars and fomenting sectarian violence, being deliberately shoddy at rigging elections to anger the populations, and injecting agent provocateurs with chemical weapons.

How much longer can we wait? Protesting is no longer effective in a rigged political system.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fake Democracy Imploding the United States

In a democracy the majority of the people elect whom they want to make policy changes. The majority then makes those policy changes. If the majority of the people decide later that they made a mistake they hold elections to change the course of policy. That's what elections are for.

If people who voted for the losing side are proven right by the mistakes of the winning side, then the people will shift to their side and they will win the next election.

If people who voted for the winning side are proven right by the success of the winning side, then the people from the losing side must accept that they are wrong and participate in the successful outcome of correct policy decisions.

Why the U.S. is misrepresented as a democratic republic.

1. Most voters are conditioned to make their voting decision on the emotional pandering and empty promises of politicians. They don't think (period).

2. There are too many loopholes that allow policy gridlock and subterfuge by the losing side. The winning side is never allowed to prove the effectiveness of their proposals.

3. Most House of Representative home-districts are gerrymandered, creating Fiefdoms or miniature feudal states that include multi-generational dynasties of bureaucrats across the entire spectrum of federal, state, county and municipal, enriching themselves. This guarantees continued blocking of policy changes.

It's all smoke and mirrors anymore. The House of Representatives is full of Republican trouble-makers who are not willing to give Democrats a chance to test their policy ideas, because the Republicans know they are wrong. All they can do is use obstruction and deception to block democrats.

Republicans had their shot during the Bush Administration and instead of implementing successful public policies, they padded the Supreme Court in an attempt to cement their power, started a fake war with Iraq, And began to distort democracy into a theocratic plutocracy.

The mid-term elections of 2014 must usher out the door forever, the Republican party, or the United States will implode.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Final fall of the Roman Empire

Putting on a sheep's clothing for a few thousand years won't help any organization that refuses to adapt to scientific progress. The Catholic Church is finally witness to its last days of relevance, as secretive past-times and privileged indulgences widen the rift between members and leaders. The day will come when the churches are overrun for all of the heavy gold and jewels inlaid into the ceilings.