Sunday, September 27, 2009

History Re-Forgotten

Once upon a time there was a government agency that failed to prevent a major terrorist attack because they ignored the warnings by one of their field officers.

They set out to be more preemptive in their efforts and they were given permission by their glorious leader to listen in on every citizen’s conversation instead of just foreigners.

One day they overheard a conversation about blowing up the tallest building in the nation. The agency infiltrated the group and got to know the members. Notes were made of their habits and travails.

The agents decided one day that they heard enough and arrested the terrorists. When the case went to trial it was discovered that these terrorists didn’t have the money to even buy combat boots.

Frustrated, the agency decided that they would create a false terrorist network and branch out across the country posing as the kind of boisterous disgruntled citizens you see at public protests. They created false members for every type of organization surrounding various conspiracy theories.

The only difference is this time they would provide real information and material support up to the last few minutes in order to turn the penniless disgruntled citizens into real terrorists they could arrest and actually convict.

The problem is that this kind of tactic didn’t work so well with Ruby Ridge, Waco and other previous incidents, but they appear to be a new generation that forgot about those incidents.

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