Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Are you in the Democracy Club?

Edie Miller’s letter Wednesday in the Illinois State Journal Register about the ERC (Evening Republican Club) is perfectly, horribly typical of most organizations.

Let’s say that you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat, Green, or Whatever. You join a local club because the other members most likely will understand you. You discover, quite by accident because someone slipped their tongue, that your club has a secret board of directors with special privileges.

Members of this mysterious board of directors often talk about their extravagant vacations, dress better than other members, have more expensive cars, or other things that the rest of the club members can only dream about.

No one else is allowed to join the Board of Directors, but the club members continue to pay their dues. They can’t stop paying their dues because they would be accused of being disloyal or “unpatriotic.”

Most of the club members either don’t realize or don’t care that they are being deliberately excluded from the luxurious benefits of the dues and profits from fundraiser for the very club to which they belong.

If you complain to the board, they would probably look askance at you and say “So start your own club. Pull yourself up by your own boot-straps.”

It fits into the definition of Fiefdom, but we’ve been pretending for the last two centuries or so that it’s a Democracy. Dream the American Dream!

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