Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Myth of Cognitive Development

More recently in politics it has become abundantly clear that age cannot be pegged to human cognitive development.
Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development
Stage Age Range Description
Sensorimotor 0-2 years Coordination of senses with motor response, sensory curiosity about the world. Language used for demands and cataliguing. Object permanence developed
Preoperational 2-7 years Symbolic thinking, use of proper syntax and grammar to express full concepts, Imagination and intuition are strong, but complex abstract thought still difficult. Conservation developed.
Concrete Operational 7-11 years Concepts attached to concrete situations. Time, space and quantity are understood and can be applied, but not as independent concepts.
Formal Operational 11+ years Theoretical, hypothetical, and counterfactual thinking. Abstract logic and reasoning. Strategy and planning become possible. Concepts learned in one concept can be applied to another.
The evidence is mounting that an extraordinary large portion of the adult U.S. population is exhibiting behavior and reasoning at or below the Concrete Operational stage of development.

  • They are capable of holding down well-paying professional jobs that are highly structured, easily predictable, and involve absolute parameters, like accounting, finance, real estate, retail entrepreneurship, even neurosurgery.
  • They value wealth as a measure of social status.
    • They typically will vote against their own interests in favor of the wealthy class, as if some day they will be rewarded with table scraps, which never came in the form of "Trickle-Down Economics."
    • They feel personally slighted when someone they look down on at work gets a bump in hourly wage that brings them to equal footing. Even if it's only a $3 per hour difference.
  • They make no effort to update their positions on issues based on new information.
  • They use the following words to describe scientists and academic professionals:
    • Elitists
    • Politically Correct
    • Cultural Relativists
    • Intolerant (of anyone who believes differently)
  • Their fear of being ostracized from their community outweighs accepting facts that are contradictory to their beliefs.
  • They exhibit the following behaviors that indicate fear as a dominant factor in their thinking.
    • Bigotry
    • Misogyny
    • Racism
    • Xenophobia
    • Violence
    • Hubris
    • Avarice
    • Rapacity
    • Conspiracy Paranoia
    • Fascism
    • Jingoism
    • Warmongering
    • Religious Zealotry
    • Internet Trolling 
Our culture has allowed these "Ogres" to flourish. It's time to stop enabling and nurturing this kind of behavior.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The End of Party Politics

It seems that Democrat and Republican political party organizations have lost control. They may control televised debates, polling structures and some main-stream media outlets, but the people aren't going to pay attention to them anymore.

People are actually calling for the removal of party leadership in the organizations as well as the House of Representatives and Senate.

The political party-insiders maintained control for a very long time by creating false enemies to blame for everyone's problems or to strike fear into people. They divided the people by distracting them with social issues such as crime, war, abortion, religion, regulation, immigration and other issues that had little or nothing to do with what was really happening to the vast majority of people, slipping slowly away from democracy and into poverty at the hands of a multinational corporate oligarchy.