Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Biggest Show On Earth brought to you by Industrial Oligarchs

When World War I broke out, the industrialists in the United States watched as nearly all the people in Europe sacrificed all of their resources and personal belongings to fight each-other.

The Industrialists later watched the population as an economic depression hit. They realized that the masses had only a few sources of information and were therefore easily convinced with propaganda, so the industrialists built an information system with central controls.

The Industrialists studied human behavior and found that personal privilege was more powerful than ideology, and easily crossed the boundaries between Monarchy, Communism and Democracy, to reach the few at the top of each form of government with an important message:

"If we can convince our masses that our nations hate each other, they will sacrifice to us, nearly all they have to defend themselves, and we will become very rich."

So the leaders of the world and the industrialists sat down at a table with a map of the world, and went to work making their own families richer by the blood of their workers and patriots.

They easily falsified conflicts internal and external that generated justification for spending more money on "weapon systems" and "bureaucracies."

The richest of them all are American Industrialists, the Russian Oligarchs, and business leaders (Not the visible leaders) of the European Union.

Taxes, wages and blood were sacrificed for the alleged "good of the country" and the Industrialists set in motion an automatic money machine that made a handful of people collect eighty percent of the world's wealth.

The money gets siphoned away from the world economy to such a degree that periodic depression occurs, but the same families are unaffected.

Back then it was very easy. The majority of the population was illiterate, but illiteracy was shrinking.

There were only a few national news organizations, a handful of national radio stations, and only three major television networks with less than ten people telling all of the world the information handed to them by their editors and producers. They were all easily controlled.

Then came cable television and the Internet.

Today, there are less than seventy five people on television in the United States conveying information to a population of over three hundred million. Newspapers across the country are cutting budgets or closing shop altogether.

The Internet is superseding the main-stream news media, and the Industrialists have missed it nearly altogether. They must have thought that the Internet would confuse the masses. Wrong!

Now they are severely threatened because their ideas are fading into a tide of truth, and revolutionary ideas from people who never before had a means of conveying information to the entire world.

The descendants of Industrial Oligarchs for example include the Kennedys, one of which is being supported by Michael Moore of all people, in his open letter to Caroline.

The Industrialists are now fighting to take over and control the information superhighway.

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