Monday, June 25, 2007

Should the Republic be Restored, or Abandoned?

I just discovered the website and found hundreds, if not thousands of people struggling to bring back the idealized government created by our founders and promoted as an equitable democracy in our history books. What has been neglected in our history books is the emphasis that our founding fathers were themselves wealthy land owners, many with slaves and indentured servants. They were seeking severance from tax indebtedness to the king of England.

Now some Americans are seeking severance from tax indebtedness to whoever is in charge of their lives on U.S. soil. Who that is remains to be determined. The problem is there is no new world to which those who seek independence can travel physically, so they must endeavor to change the existing system, an insurmountable task. What is the point of fighting for a piece of rotten pie? Why not throw it out entirely and start fresh?

Restore the Republic is being used as a forum for the election of Republican Candidate Ron Paul for President of the United States. The platform is build on the following issues: Identity and privacy; public education about the U.S. Constitution; the Federal Reserve Bank; the New World Order and global power consolidation.

The driving force behind the issues here is fear of oppression by a potentially abusive and arrogant authority. The operative implication is that there is a hidden shadowy authority that operates on its own agenda despite the populist rhetoric of elected officials.

The industrial complexes at the heart of the problem with our government are those of Military, Energy, Medicine, and Finance.