Friday, November 13, 2015

Global Supremacy

In the larger scheme of things, when we think about what might have happened if Nixon and Khrushchev didn't square off and threaten each other or brag about which ideology would be successful, but instead plotted out zones and allowed each-other's social experiments to carry on without interference from each-other, What might the world be like today?

Cuba of course was the exception. It was ruled by a brutal dictator. Fidel Castro made his case in the U.S. and he was ignored, so what choice did he have?

The world today is made up of a population that has been trained to accept the rules of borders. Somalia relied heavily on its supply of fish for sustenance, but the Chinese with their huge industrial fishing methods nearly completely depleted Somalia's food supply, they had little choice but to turn to piracy for survival. We just went in and blasted them for being pirates. Nice job.

Now the Chinese are building islands in the South China sea in disputed territories. Other nations fear the same fate as Somalia. If China can operate with impunity in the territorial waters of smaller nations with little or no recourse, then there is a problem with the idea of having borders in the first place.

If China some how was given responsibility over the entire South China Sea and its inhabitants, they would need to consider the economic consequences of their actions. Likewise, if Russia really wanted to retake all of the former Soviet territories, maybe they should so they would have some real responsibility.

In reality, resources are grabbed by a few oligarchs for their own enrichment. There are not many of them, so they can be easily found. You must understand that countries, nations, borders, and governments are just distractions from the real problem: A few greedy people.

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