Thursday, August 13, 2015

Marketplace Oddities?

I look at Google Finance from time to time and was curious about the Sector Summary because Goldman Sachs is buying up G.E. Capital's Deposits. You should be able to click on the link here to see it more clearly. It looked kind of strange to me. Are those little downward spikes in the afternoon 'Flash Crashes?'

Marketwatch reported that the Nasdaw, S&P 500 Survive a Bearish Shot Across the Bow,

From Yesterday, Real Money's The Trader Daily reported it was "Hammer Time for S&P 500 Futures"

You will never guess what exploded in China yesterday. My theory is that older models are rotated off of U.S. lots to make it look like U.S. sales are brisk. I wonder if Goldman Sachs knows what's really going on. The economy is doing just fine, right?

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