Saturday, August 22, 2015

Battleship Potemkin and the #Occupy Movement

The old saying goes: "He who forgets the past is condemned to repeat it." I can't recall who said it first, but it looks like the Sputnik generation dropped the ball on teaching world history.

My parents grew up during the Cold War and were taught abut the Evil Red Threat of Communism. They were taught to "Duck and Cover" in the event of a nuclear strike by the Soviet Union.

Since I never learned about the Russian Revolution in high school history class, I imagine my parents were taught the basic historical information, but barely broached WHY there was a Communist revolution in the first place.

As I watched the way police were treating peaceful protesters I was reminded of a scene from Battleship Potempkin where a peaceful gathering was brutally crushed by the military.

The resemblance was uncanny, enraging and terrifying. The sentiment portrayed by Sergej Eisenstein in the film is stunningly similar to what everyone seems to be feeling today, especially supporters of Bernie Sanders. #FeelTheBern

I compiled a montage of the Odessa Steps sequence with present day video of protesters in the #Occupy movement here:

If that link does not work, here's a more direct link:

I won't put my version on YouTube due to its known history of censorship.

A summary history of the mutiny aboard the Potemkin
The full feature length film "Battleship Potemkin"

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