Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Niccolo Machiavelli wrote in his book The Prince "The offense one does to a man should be such that one fears no revenge for it." This has three connotations; one means not offending at all, another means completely eliminating the possibility of revenge through brute force and the third means creating a distraction so the blame falls on others.

Is it true that anyone who commits an offense which invites revenge lacks the intelligence to understand the consequences of the offense? That person clearly lacks the intelligence to effectively meet any of the three aforementioned connotations.

If one has enough money he or she can effectively reach the latter two connotations, but the wisest offender might choose the third connotation as the costs are less than the second connotation. It also effectively divides the people against each-other.

Hate is irrational. It arises from chronic stress that cannot be resolved directly. Where does the stress come from? It can come from an oppressor who clearly abuses his power, but overtly abusing one's power is not the most intelligent way to offend. It might come from an offender who successfully misdirects the victim into believing the cause is another group, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or class.

The most effective way to offend is through manipulation of group dynamics. The key to successful manipulation of group dynamics is through systematic dismantling of public education. An under-educated person is quick to be misdirected into hating persons other than the original offender. Because he lacks enough information to articulate the stress in his own situation and fed by false propaganda he lashes out, finding a group or individual to hate that has nothing to do with his true situation.

What is the chronic stress? Most likely poverty. The Cause? The greed of those controlling the bulk of resources and the means of production.

It turns out the true offenders have been coddled by their wealth and are not noticing that protests are growing in diversity. The Internet is bringing together the groups that were for so long isolated from each-other by disinformation and distraction, and they are all turning their eyes toward Wall Street.

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