Monday, March 10, 2014

Critical Election Period

It's absolutely important that you do not ignore this year's mid-term election. Republicans are cutting off support for veterans, the jobless and poor children. They call this "tough love" but it's really genocide. If Republicans win they will send troops to war with Iran, Syria, Russia in Ukraine and Crimea, and perhaps even North Korea and Cuba.

Don't allow the Tea Party, Libertarians or Republicans back into the House and the Senate. They will hand your leash and property over to Wall Street.
Most importantly, there are also certain democrats who support agendas that are highly damaging to the 99% of Americans, so be extra-vigilant when choosing your candidate.

  • Switch to clean, renewable resources instead of carbon.
    • Support Solar, geothermal, wind, hydro-electric energy resource development.
    • Use LED lighting instead of mercury vapor florescent lights.
  • Increase the minimum wage.
    • It will take working families off of food stamps and create higher demand in the local economy.
  • Preserve reproductive rights and health care privacy for women.
    • Legislators are not medical professionals.
  • Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline.
    • It will destroy the fresh water supply along its entire length where ever it leaks.
  • Maintain separation of church and state.
    • Religion has no business interfering in science education. Keep Religious education in religious schools.
  • Repeal Corporate Person-hood.
    • Stop the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). It's NAFTA 2.0 and will destroy jobs in the U.S. and destroy farms in Asia like NAFTA destroyed farms in Mexico.
    • Corporations are not people.
  • Repeal Citizens United.
    • Get money out of politics.
  • Close Guantanamo Bay prison
  • Repeal the USA Patriot Act.
  • Reign-in NSA Spying on American Citizens.