Sunday, September 2, 2012

Industrial Complexes and the hidden feudal social system

Most of us have heard of the Military Industrial Complex. The term was actually invented by Dwight Eisenhower who spoke of it at his farewell address as President of the United States on January 16th, 1961.

The trend of corporate consolidation and influence on government to release tax revenues for more discretionary spending by congressmen, has caused the expansion of term "industrial complex" to include a short list of favored corporations across the entire spectrum of private industry, public sectors that rely heavily on outside private contractors or have become too entrenched in the lives of citizens to be reformed. They include the following:

  • Military
  • Media
  • Law Enforcement / Prison
  • Transportation
  • Health Care
  • Social Services
  • Education

The important thing these have in common is that they are for the most part inexorably grounded within the borders of the country and cannot be outsourced, so measures are undertaken to shore them up as impenetrable fiefdoms or dynasties. The feudal lords of these systems devise methods to ensure a more permanent place within these systems, for themselves and their own offspring.

In government agencies where leadership is appointed by politicians, staff were replaced regularly when a different political party came into power. This house-cleaning ensured that agencies and politicians were in lock-step with the demands of the voting public. Regulations and compliance ebbed and flowed according to the zeitgeist. However, scientific advances and revolutions in the study of human behavior have made it possible to distort value systems enough to manipulate voters to a limited degree.

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