Sunday, November 23, 2008

There once was a town.

There once was a town where all the farmers gathered and sold their crops. Along a river in the middle of a vast stretch of land flat from horizon to horizon...

*Hmm... Where am I going with this? I don't like it. I'll do the short version.

There were local businesses and local banks. Money stayed in the area...

*I'm tired of this. Most people have figured out by now that they are losing their shirts because they put money in big-name multinational banks that are bankrupt or they bought a house for two hundred thousand dollars that's now worth one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars, but they bought their two hundred thousand dollar loan with a variable interest rate that just doubled so they can't afford the payments.

If they tried to sell their house they would still be in the hole for seventy five thousand dollars, but now there is nobody who wants to buy their house anyway.

Everyone's home values have dropped. Cars are in the same situation.

Before the September crash, the Census Bureau has released a report to the Press titled "Household Income Rises, Poverty Rate Unchanged, Number of Uninsured Down"

The report states "Among the race groups and Hispanics, black households had the lowest median income in 2007 ($33,916). This compares to the median of $54,920 for non-Hispanic white households. Asian households had the highest median income ($66,103). The median income for Hispanic households was $38,679."

The Census Bureau also reports income for Springfield, Illinois median income was $39,388 in 1999, a wage of around $18 per hour. According to Census, The national median income is close to the level of such careers as Illinois State Legislators, Engineers in various fields, Actuaries, Architects, and so on.

Currently the available skilled labor that is most in surplus is minimally skilled non-union workers that line up every day to fill out applications at retail and fast-food businesses that pay the minimum wage of $7.50 per hour.

I've been searching online trying to find a file that contains a job description, the exact number of people in that job, and exactly what they get paid for that job. But that information is kept separated and buried so deep as to make someone frustrated enough to give up.

I was able to find it in 2003, but it's been moved and buried even deeper. If there is anyone out there who can give me the appropriate information I would appreciate a comment on this blog about it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

VP Heart Flutters at Hague Mention

Vice President Dick Cheney is having what appears to be heart problems, but may actually be hyperventilation at the mere mention of being swept up with Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Gonzales, Ashcroft, Rove, and others, to stand trial in the World Court at the Hague for crimes against humanity, then make restitution for every life lost in the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Demand that the Bailout Legislation Be Rejected

We are witnessing a bankers' coup d’etat. In the name of saving the economy from a crisis created by their own greed and immense profits, the biggest bankers have taken a country and a people hostage.

“Give us your money and tear up what’s left of your Constitution or we will sink your economy,” is the message from Wall Street and the Bush Administration. “Give us the power and money we demand or you will be left jobless from a new economic depression."

Under the pretext of the banking crisis, the Bush Administration is changing the way this country operates. This is not simply taking trillions of dollars from the people and giving it to the richest bankers to do with as they see fit.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Biggest Show On Earth brought to you by Industrial Oligarchs

When World War I broke out, the industrialists in the United States watched as nearly all the people in Europe sacrificed all of their resources and personal belongings to fight each-other.

The Industrialists later watched the population as an economic depression hit. They realized that the masses had only a few sources of information and were therefore easily convinced with propaganda, so the industrialists built an information system with central controls.

The Industrialists studied human behavior and found that personal privilege was more powerful than ideology, and easily crossed the boundaries between Monarchy, Communism and Democracy, to reach the few at the top of each form of government with an important message:

"If we can convince our masses that our nations hate each other, they will sacrifice to us, nearly all they have to defend themselves, and we will become very rich."

So the leaders of the world and the industrialists sat down at a table with a map of the world, and went to work making their own families richer by the blood of their workers and patriots.

They easily falsified conflicts internal and external that generated justification for spending more money on "weapon systems" and "bureaucracies."

The richest of them all are American Industrialists, the Russian Oligarchs, and business leaders (Not the visible leaders) of the European Union.

Taxes, wages and blood were sacrificed for the alleged "good of the country" and the Industrialists set in motion an automatic money machine that made a handful of people collect eighty percent of the world's wealth.

The money gets siphoned away from the world economy to such a degree that periodic depression occurs, but the same families are unaffected.

Back then it was very easy. The majority of the population was illiterate, but illiteracy was shrinking.

There were only a few national news organizations, a handful of national radio stations, and only three major television networks with less than ten people telling all of the world the information handed to them by their editors and producers. They were all easily controlled.

Then came cable television and the Internet.

Today, there are less than seventy five people on television in the United States conveying information to a population of over three hundred million. Newspapers across the country are cutting budgets or closing shop altogether.

The Internet is superseding the main-stream news media, and the Industrialists have missed it nearly altogether. They must have thought that the Internet would confuse the masses. Wrong!

Now they are severely threatened because their ideas are fading into a tide of truth, and revolutionary ideas from people who never before had a means of conveying information to the entire world.

The descendants of Industrial Oligarchs for example include the Kennedys, one of which is being supported by Michael Moore of all people, in his open letter to Caroline.

The Industrialists are now fighting to take over and control the information superhighway.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008


The truth about the subprime mortgage industry

I’m sure you heard about being able to get loans with bad credit. It was all the rage after the Enron and Worldcom scandals. The banks and money lenders were getting paid anyway, if not by the people who borrowed the money, then by the tax payers.

Does anyone remember the Lincoln Savings and Loan Scandal? Remember Senator John McCain’s involvement in that? That little steaming nugget will be dredged up soon enough; it’s not the story right now.

Lending money to people who are known not to afford it has been reported in the news as a “disaster”, reported as a “mistake,” and journalists and pundits alike have been scratching their heads wondering why it was done. Why were all those poor people allowed to borrow money they couldn’t pay back? What were those bankers thinking? Were they stupid?

No. They knew exactly what they were doing. They were investing in living, breathing people who would be forced to sweat and toil to pay them back, plus interest of course, as long as they lived, and if they didn’t, it would be their children’s burden.

It’s like switching investments from stocks to bonds or gold during hard-times. You can switch your investments from manufactured commodities to entire living, breathing families to pay you back, because it’s the law.

Another word for it is indentured servitude. If you have a credit card, a mortgage, a car loan, or are mandated by your state to get car insurance, or you pay rent, you qualify as an indentured servant if your expenses exceed your savings.

Debt Equity is the possession of the living breathing entity (in this case, multiple generations of families) that pays the money, not the money itself.

Banks and other lenders can track you down anywhere in the country with the help of their police (you don’t have any police.) because you need money to try and emulate the so-called “American Dream” as taught in public schools. As comedian George Carlin said “It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

This is the dirty little secret of the “free market economy” that republicans desire so much. They keep complaining that regulations are keeping down the power of the free market. Regulations are the products of lessons learned from deaths and disasters. Just pick up a book by John Steinbeck, Upton Sinclair, or Mark Twain and you can read about what it was like when the economy was really free.