Friday, March 16, 2007

Why keep the machine going?

Multinational corporations with roots in the United States have no honor or sense of patriotism. They just keep the machine going for the sake of profit.

They manufacture and sell weapons and weapon-related materials, mine raw materials they know their father’s enemies need and gladly sell to their father’s enemies. It’s not a cold war between good and evil, just marketplace competition between two groups of industry that vilify each other, calling each other “evil” while they call themselves “good.”

They say “Business is business, let the rest of the world go to Hell in a hand basket.” One day someone did the math and discovered they could make a profit from the world going to Hell in a Hand basket.

Instead of leaving politics alone, they used an assassination of an individual as an excuse to start World War I. They even used a boiler explosion as an excuse to start the Spanish American War. The War with Mexico was probably the earliest war started on false pretenses, but it, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident that started the Vietnam war were both faked.

So, what’s the use of patriotism if those few elites who control the raw materials and means of production have no patriotism? If you want to be patriotic, stop using your credit cards. I did and I’ve gotten along just fine.

If they continue to operate with no social, moral, or environmental compass, the only thing they will be worried about will not be how fast they can build prisons, but how high they can build the walls around their own gated communities.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Disappearing American Consumer

The American Consumer is driving the economies of all the developing countries around the entire world. Americans, however, are losing their high paying jobs and their medical insurance. Americans are paying ever increasing fuel costs for transportation and energy.

One example is the banking industry. In order to keep the housing market flush with cash, banks relaxed qualifications for mortgages, and even created interest-only flexible rate mortgages when the interest rates were very low. This was popular with low income families who wanted a home.

The banks and lenders then sold those mortgages to large pension funds and other big institutional investors. But now the interest rates are going up, and all those poor people suddenly see their monthly mortgage payments going up; many of those people have stopped making their mortgage payments.

The three-fold effect of gas prices, mortgage rates, and wage and job cuts will result in what the News Media will call “The Housing Tsunami” or “DEPRESSION”