Sunday, November 18, 2007

Iran compliant

According to a leaked report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran is being compliant with its nuclear energy program, however, the report is being subjectively interpreted and distorted for political agendas.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

House and Senate on Summer Break

Our U.S. Senators and Congressmen are on their August break. You might see them around your district. We, the people expected change after the 2006 election, and the rumors going around are that the Democrats have rolled over and have not been effective since they have become a majority.

But, we, the people rolled over. We only gave the Democrats a simple majority, not an overriding majority. For the Democrats to be effective against the onslaught of warmongering predatory capitalists, an overriding majority is needed, a better than two-thirds majority that can override a Presidential veto or some other arcane parliamentary procedure.

So we have nothing to complain about but our own inability to elect an effective majority of legislators different from those who dominated our government for the last six years.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Should the Republic be Restored, or Abandoned?

I just discovered the website and found hundreds, if not thousands of people struggling to bring back the idealized government created by our founders and promoted as an equitable democracy in our history books. What has been neglected in our history books is the emphasis that our founding fathers were themselves wealthy land owners, many with slaves and indentured servants. They were seeking severance from tax indebtedness to the king of England.

Now some Americans are seeking severance from tax indebtedness to whoever is in charge of their lives on U.S. soil. Who that is remains to be determined. The problem is there is no new world to which those who seek independence can travel physically, so they must endeavor to change the existing system, an insurmountable task. What is the point of fighting for a piece of rotten pie? Why not throw it out entirely and start fresh?

Restore the Republic is being used as a forum for the election of Republican Candidate Ron Paul for President of the United States. The platform is build on the following issues: Identity and privacy; public education about the U.S. Constitution; the Federal Reserve Bank; the New World Order and global power consolidation.

The driving force behind the issues here is fear of oppression by a potentially abusive and arrogant authority. The operative implication is that there is a hidden shadowy authority that operates on its own agenda despite the populist rhetoric of elected officials.

The industrial complexes at the heart of the problem with our government are those of Military, Energy, Medicine, and Finance.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Market Research

We see the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, and other major stock market averages going up and down, but what does it mean and where do they get the information?

Recently there was a report about February Consumer spending. That report came out in the middle of March and represents a delay of about six weeks from the time of the event. This means that somewhere there are very few people gathering a large quantity of information from corporate quarterly reports submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Recent financial scandals such as over or under reporting sales and wholesale purchases, revenue from the sale of gift cards, the allowance for vague definitions that allow accountants to shift assets and liabilities into and out of various categories, and the back-dating of stock options for individual benefits, has raised the idea that perhaps there are far fewer people working in the accounting departments at major corporations, and if there are, they are probably fall-guys in the making.

To gather industry information and do research yourself takes a lot of time, and the information in quarterly and annual filings can be daunting. What should we look for?

We should begin by looking at a model corporation. One that you know well, like MacDonald’s. It’s good to know the full history of how it began to get an idea about how most other corporations were started and flourished.

MacDonald’s started as a small burger outlet. The owners had decided to start serving milkshakes and they ordered, or were shown, Milkshake mixers by Ray Croc, who had been moving around the country selling the mixers. Legend has it that Ray fell in love with MacDonald’s, and bought it, but Ray had an advantage then that is still overlooked.

By gaining access to the kitchens across the country, Ray learned about all the ways that restaurants were operating and used it to his advantage. Just as Andrew Carnegie used his job as a telegraph currier and errand boy to see how various industries operated from within, something that the customers and public never see.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has a website where they publish the reports from various publicly traded corporations: This kind of information was never available to the likes of Ray Croc or Andrew Carnegie. This kind of information is also extremely boring to the average citizen. Why?

It’s the way in which we are taught that causes us to avoid some information and be attracted to other information. In school we are taught that there is more value in sports than in math, science or history.

There is some debate about whether or not this is deliberate, but ancient history shows that novelty of experience has a higher value for humans than does the more important value of utility.

The public schools over the years have evolved into places where students compete for social status and are rewarded for competing among themselves with what little their potential will allow at a fixed developmental stage within the preconceived expectations of teachers and administrators.

The reason I can see this is that I spent my freshman year of high school at a private military academy, one of the most prized military academies in the U.S. by diplomats from around the world. For financial reasons I was forced to spend the rest of my high school years in a rural public school in Northern Indiana.

The differences were astounding. Highly valued information at military school was at public school considered the realm of the “Nerd” or the “Geek”. Anyone even remotely showing an interest in science or math was picked on or bullied until they became obedient followers of the Jocks, and then dropped Typing and Home Economics for Shop Class and P.E.

So there are two types of teaching occurring in school. Values, and Values. First, you are taught just enough to make you literate enough to read only your indigenous language and count things most people assume should be counted. Next, you are gradually conditioned to value certain things as more important than others, until those other things are so reviled that you reject them out of hand and never think about them again, like History, or Broccoli.

But I digress. Back to Market Research. At, you’ll find the quarterly filings of nearly every corporation in existence. The goal here is to find the right corporations to research as leading economic indicators toward the business type you might be interested in starting.

You will see profits and costs. Some stock tracking programs and websites provide financial information trends over long periods such as and, but they usually provide only the value of the company stock. But what influences the value of a company’s stock?

The Stock Exchange has become dependent upon statements issued by the Secretary of the Treasury about Prime Lending Rates, the price of gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, and other fuels, and the availability and price of raw materials and crops. Other aggravating factors are internal strife among board members who have become celebrities for their wealth.

The main outside variable is consumer spending. Since everyone is a consumer of one thing or another, this value has become one of the most important to which attention is paid by traders and fund managers.

Problems occur when consumers are goaded into purchasing things they can’t afford. They buy on credit and then can’t make the payments. Most consumers don’t understand that interest rates change. Interest rates are one of those things I like to call a “Gotcha!”

Humans used to pay attention to pennies when they bought a lot, but pennies are now the scourge of sock drawers and vacuum cleaners everywhere. It won’t be long before nickels follow suit. The only thing holding back the tidal surge of nickels are parking meters and vending machines.

The human perception of value shifts depending on changing influences in the environment. It has been called “drifting normalcy” by military officers in Iraq, who see how local populations wade to the marketplace through puddles of blood on their daily chores.

This means there is a threshold of perception below which changes gradually occur. Sometimes its called “happening below the radar.” Usually such occurrences are midnight legislative sessions of Congress where they give themselves raises or give loopholes to interested political financial supporters. But the news media catches wind of such simple stories and they are easily reported.

Then there was the sale of US Shipping ports to Dubai Ports World, a foreign company headquartered in the Middle East. What happened was very sloppy because the company that was selling the shipping ports was a publicly traded company. They won’t make that mistake again, so now Private Equity Firms are buying up publicly traded companies so the information can no longer be accessible to the public through the Federal Trade Commission.

The foreign countries from which American companies borrowed money to inflate their stock values are calling in their loans. These corporations are now hiding their “Sheriff Auctions” by laundering the transactions through private equity companies.

You probably pay a mortgage or rent to a foreign country. If you are a shareholder of anything, you might want to just cash out right now.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

America Fooled, tens of thousands dead for no reason.

An exerpt from Bill Moyers interview with Carlo Bonini, author of
"Collusion: International Espionage and the War on Terror" available at

CARLO BONINI: Then they talk to the Italians. And the Italians say, "Oh, you had a confirmation from the British?" Rome talks to London, "Hey, you got a confirmation from Washington?" So the same piece of junk obtained in 48 hours, two different confirmations. It's a mirror game. I can say briefly when US intelligence received the informations from the Italians, they - I mean, the CIA urged the DGSE - the French intelligence, the French CIA - to check the informations because Niger is a former French colony. There's no better intelligence agency than the French one to double check a story like this. They worked hard on the information, and they came back saying there is nothing. This intelligence you received is simply junk intelligence. There is no evidence of such a deal between the Niger government and the Iraqi government.

BILL MOYERS: They told this to Washington.



Friday, March 16, 2007

Why keep the machine going?

Multinational corporations with roots in the United States have no honor or sense of patriotism. They just keep the machine going for the sake of profit.

They manufacture and sell weapons and weapon-related materials, mine raw materials they know their father’s enemies need and gladly sell to their father’s enemies. It’s not a cold war between good and evil, just marketplace competition between two groups of industry that vilify each other, calling each other “evil” while they call themselves “good.”

They say “Business is business, let the rest of the world go to Hell in a hand basket.” One day someone did the math and discovered they could make a profit from the world going to Hell in a Hand basket.

Instead of leaving politics alone, they used an assassination of an individual as an excuse to start World War I. They even used a boiler explosion as an excuse to start the Spanish American War. The War with Mexico was probably the earliest war started on false pretenses, but it, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident that started the Vietnam war were both faked.

So, what’s the use of patriotism if those few elites who control the raw materials and means of production have no patriotism? If you want to be patriotic, stop using your credit cards. I did and I’ve gotten along just fine.

If they continue to operate with no social, moral, or environmental compass, the only thing they will be worried about will not be how fast they can build prisons, but how high they can build the walls around their own gated communities.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Disappearing American Consumer

The American Consumer is driving the economies of all the developing countries around the entire world. Americans, however, are losing their high paying jobs and their medical insurance. Americans are paying ever increasing fuel costs for transportation and energy.

One example is the banking industry. In order to keep the housing market flush with cash, banks relaxed qualifications for mortgages, and even created interest-only flexible rate mortgages when the interest rates were very low. This was popular with low income families who wanted a home.

The banks and lenders then sold those mortgages to large pension funds and other big institutional investors. But now the interest rates are going up, and all those poor people suddenly see their monthly mortgage payments going up; many of those people have stopped making their mortgage payments.

The three-fold effect of gas prices, mortgage rates, and wage and job cuts will result in what the News Media will call “The Housing Tsunami” or “DEPRESSION”

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Are you in the Democracy Club?

Edie Miller’s letter Wednesday in the Illinois State Journal Register about the ERC (Evening Republican Club) is perfectly, horribly typical of most organizations.

Let’s say that you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat, Green, or Whatever. You join a local club because the other members most likely will understand you. You discover, quite by accident because someone slipped their tongue, that your club has a secret board of directors with special privileges.

Members of this mysterious board of directors often talk about their extravagant vacations, dress better than other members, have more expensive cars, or other things that the rest of the club members can only dream about.

No one else is allowed to join the Board of Directors, but the club members continue to pay their dues. They can’t stop paying their dues because they would be accused of being disloyal or “unpatriotic.”

Most of the club members either don’t realize or don’t care that they are being deliberately excluded from the luxurious benefits of the dues and profits from fundraiser for the very club to which they belong.

If you complain to the board, they would probably look askance at you and say “So start your own club. Pull yourself up by your own boot-straps.”

It fits into the definition of Fiefdom, but we’ve been pretending for the last two centuries or so that it’s a Democracy. Dream the American Dream!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Trade Deficits

Even on C-SPAN they talk of a trade deficit with China. There are goods being manufactured in China for consumers in the United States. Goods were once manufactured in Mexico for the United States too.

A Mexican Ambassador once said that most of the companies in Mexico are American companies. It was the first and last time something like that was ever again said on television.

The trade deficit with China is a lie. The companies in China are American companies. The one truth is, however, that the money is going to China, but then it goes into the bank accounts of those who were once American, but now can globe-trot and thumb their noses at the citizenship rules by which the rest of us live.

They are the global entrepreneurs who have shed themselves of any sense of loyalty to their childhood nation. When Leona Helmsley said “only the little people pay taxes,” her biggest mistake was living in the United States when she said it.

So let’s think about it for a moment. If they are doing it, why shouldn't the rest of us? Why should we be hindered by the rules of patriotism shirked by those who control all of our natural resources?

I worked hard, like the dutiful Kamikaze pilot who celebrated his final flight with rituals and parties, but when his engine didn’t start, he walked off the runway to his superiors who previously proclaimed they would soon follow him, and he discovered that they had no such plan to die that day, or any day.

There was no reciprocal loyalty at work when I was laid off at AT&T. They paid me a wage so they didn’t have to consider my intrinsic value as a human being.

So, what makes you so sure that all your hard work will win the hearts and minds of those who are forced by law to pay your wages, taxes, health insurance, and other benefits?

Never assume that you have job security. Always look over your shoulder. It’s a cold hard world in America.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

End of the world as we know it.

We have given ourselves to our leaders. Why do they lead? We follow them because they appear to have everything we desire.

They have engineered our culture so that we may never have what they have. By creating and enforcing laws that prevent us from ever achieving their successes, they quietly sweep away their footprints and cover their trails behind themselves, and have made themselves gods in the eyes of the masses. Masses that believe, through their religions, that their loyalty will be rewarded.

The masters are enlisting the most oppressed among us to wage war against the rest of us. Those who were masters of the most slaves have found a bountiful resource of loyalty among the decendants of those they whipped, chained, and buried beneath the steel and concrete structure they themselves built with their own blood, sweat, and tears of their children.

The princes and dukes that solicit loyalty among the most oppressed, are themselves fearful of the consequences of their own cruelty.

Meet then, the end of Western Civilization. The fading into the shadows, of the once powerful who now cower behind the rubble of their palaces. Witness again the rotting from within the foundation, Like that of greater Sumaria, Phoenicia, Babylon, and Rome.

The Unites States of America. An Empire Dusk.